I joined Master Trainers back in January of 2017 after my dad had just passed away and I was going through a difficult time in my life. I needed a change and decided to join Master Trainers 6-week bootcamp. I originally started at my heaviest weight of 320lbs and after seeing that 6 weeks wasn’t going to be a quick-fix, I decided to join permanently as a member. Master Trainers has not only helped me out of a slump in my life, they have helped me regain my confidence. Most importantly they have given me the tools and ability to push myself further. After this accomplishment, I feel like I can set any goal for myself inside or outside of the gym and have the will to achieve it. I finished that same year weighing in at 256 lbs for a total loss of 64 lbs. It is not just a bootcamp to me anymore, it has transformed into a lifestyle change and a place I can call a second home. Looking forward to a great 2018 and continuing to build supportive friendships along the way with the help of Master Trainers.

– Andre Dimperio

“Hi, I’m Ashley! After struggling and failing to drop my excess post-baby body weight, I joined Master Trainer’s 6 Week Fitness Challenge! They hooked me up with a meal plan and kicked my butt 5 days a week for 6 weeks! I managed to lose 17 lbs of body fat and took first place in the challenge! Jen and Dan create a fun and competitive atmosphere that made me look forward to working out every day! I love getting stronger and totally feel like I’m falling back in love with my body. I owe so much of that to Master Trainers!”

– Ashley Olson

“I have been with Master Trainers going on 6 months now and it has completely changed my life after losing 25 lbs of fat and putting on a few pounds of muscle. I was eating crap food, partying, and not working out for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t just my health that suffered, so you can say I let myself go. After meeting Jen and Dan, I tried a class and I was hooked, shortly after I became a member as the classes became addictive. If it wasn’t for MTC who knows where I would be in life mentally, physically, and spiritually. It wasn’t just my body that improved, it was my whole outlook on life and still to this day I believe it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

– Amanda Davis

“Before working out with #Dannifer, I had never gone more than 90 days consistently working out and it was always such a chore. But I love my morning workouts and have gone consistently for over a year now. I wouldn’t give it up for anything because I feel stronger than I ever have before in my life. I’m no longer trying to hide parts of my body and I actually know what I’m doing in the gym because they are proactive in their approach to helping me understand how to train properly. Thank you Master Trainers!”

– Missy Lebray

“I’ve worked out at other gyms but nothing compares to Master Trainers! Jen and Daniel truly care about their clients. I can honestly say that I’m the happiest I’ve been in years! Physically and mentally. I love the challenge of their workouts and the results I’ve seen. Jennifer and Daniel’s knowledge and personalities make them a winning duo! No matter how bad my day has been, I always leave in a good mood!”

– Cathi Samsoni


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