“I joined Master Trainers in January 2021, after about a year of my wife trying to convince me. I finally joined for one of their summer weight loss challenges not really knowing what to expect. When I joined I was at my all time heaviest of 355 lbs. 50% body fat! I could barely keep up in the beginning, but after 8 weeks and a 22 pound weight loss I was hooked.

Jennifer and Daniel are both great trainers, they know how to motivate and push you farther than what you expect to push yourself. When I first started I couldn’t do half the exercises but instead of making me feel bad or judged, they helped me modify the workouts to my level while still challenging me.

I have now been with Master trainers for 3 years and have dropped 150 lbs. I am now sitting at 205 lbs. 20% body fat. Master trainers has changed my life for the better. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, I can keep up with my kids again, and I have energy for the whole day. I am grateful for Master Trainers and I would definitely recommend them to any one looking for a lifestyle change for the better.

– Jesus “Chuy” Briseno

“I joined MTC for my first Fitness Challenge in 2018. I gave up only a few weeks in. I was at my heaviest when I started, 260lbs! I continued to follow them on social media, and watched my friends lose weight without me. I knew it worked because I could see their progress. Finally, I made up my mind, I decided to commit to a year membership in 2019 and l’m still going strong.

Everyone that knows me, knows I’m not available until after 7:00pm when my 6:15bootcamp class ends because that’s the class I’m committed to. My progress hasn’t been as fast as others, although I have lost around 60lbs which is an amazing thing, I’ve learned there are a lot of non-scale victories and being thin isn’t everything. My body composition changed a lot with training daily and eating better. I went from a size 18 jeans to a size 10. It was a big relief for me when I stopped shopping in the plus size section.

One thing about my background is, I grew up hating all physical activity and being terrified of the gym. Dan & Jen have found a way to make the classes fun while helping me learn to lift weights properly. I will always be thankful for what they did for my husband and I, and pushing me in a way that was challenging but achievable.”

– Villahada “VV” Briseno

“I started MTC on a free one day trial August 2019. I was chunky, tired, and had back pain all the time. I was so intimidated and nervous by a group style class, I attended with a friend from work, but I decided to trust Jennifer and Daniel through the process. I feel like I became even more driven when I saw what I did during the Fitness Challenge. I completed the 8 week fitness challenge and I lost 14 pounds while getting stronger!

MTC has also been wonderful for my mental health. I was working as a Forensic Autopsy Technician, which was full of very physical and emotional demands. MTC is my place to unwind from any stressors in my life and I have made some great friends since I’ve been here. I have even done 10 Spartan races and several marathons after joining. I still can’t believe how much my life has changed along with everything I’ve accomplished with their help.

My advice would be to give Dan & Jen a try and just go to class. Even those days when you’re just not feeling like it……just go. You will never regret completing a killer workout. Jennifer and Daniel will challenge you, push you mentally and physically, but will encourage you every step of the way (even though during the workout it might feel more like they are torturing you).

From the bottom of my heart, I love my MTC family.”

– Kat Moreno

“Before working out with #Dannifer, I had never gone more than 90 days consistently working out and it was always such a chore. But I love my morning workouts and have gone consistently for over a year now. I wouldn’t give it up for anything because I feel stronger than I ever have before in my life. I’m no longer trying to hide parts of my body and I actually know what I’m doing in the gym because they are proactive in their approach to helping me understand how to train properly. Thank you Master Trainers!”

– Missy Lebray

“2019 was the year that it all changed for me. I first found out about Daniel & Jennifer when I watched my best friend that was struggling with her weight, completely change over a period of time into a strong, determined, and confident woman. I eventually asked her the big question, how did she do it? The answer I was given was Master Trainers.

At my lowest point, I would never show a full picture to anyone on social media at my heaviest weight because I was too embarrassed, sad, and just upset with myself. Once I went in for the promotion, I never looked back. You begin to think, how am I going to work this into my schedule? How can I dedicate myself? How am I going to afford this? But once I was in the classes and I was receiving the help and support I was looking for, none of that matter because I became part of a motivated family.

Jen and Dan have shown me that they work together to help achieve our individual goals. They make this “how” possible for you. With their knowledge of the nutrition and training, they make your goals come to life. No member is to advanced or to inexperienced to fit in, we are all working towards the same thing everyday which makes MTC a comfortable place to workout.

Today, after years of dedication, staying committed to my gym family, and my trainers, I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin. I love this gym because of how much of an impact this place has had on my confidence, mental health, and personal life. Thanks MTC for all you’ve done.”

– Brianna “Bri” Nicholson


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